遊戲人數: 2-4
適合年齡: 8+
遊戲時間: 20 min


*** 內含中文遊戲規則 ***

Get ready to roll! Try your luck at the ultimate family dice game. Choose a card, and then try to complete one of 60 outrageous dice challenges. The harder the combo, the more chips you stack up. Dice not rolling your way? Cash in some chips to bring the luck back around. Be the first player to make all your combos and crown yourself the Combo King!

Combo King is probably the most rockin' and rollin' game about probability that you will ever play! What are the chances that you will complete the combo in a given number of rolls? How many chips are worth cashing to try to get rid of a card? No matter the odds, it couldn?t hurt to do your lucky dance, because your next roll could be the one it takes to win it all!

64 Cards
36 Chips
8 Dice




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